Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Local craftiness

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It was a great time for craft fairs in Ann Arbor last weekend.  Both DIYpsi and Tiny Expo were going on at the same time, and I was able to hit up both of them to score some gifts (and some lovelies for myself).

One of my purchases was this wonderful print from Alisa Bobzien which will be residing in my kitchen.
I also picked up some fantastically priced stationary from Junk Mail Greetings.  You should definitely check out their store, they have some darn witty paper goods.

But hands down, my favorite purchase was from the booth of Teresa Petersen.


I'd seen her last summer at Shadow Art Fair, and ever since then I could not stop thinking about this amazing set of Holy Trading Cards.  I grew up in a big Catholic family and holy cards were always floating around.  Plus, I just love anything to do with iconic art and the saints - it's always my first stop when I hit the art museum.

Anyways, not only are Teresa's collages fantastic, but each one is titled and has a story on the back.

_DSC9087Jesus and the Prodigal Squirrel
The morning of the prodigal squirrel's return, Jesus welcomed him and taught him the importance of a healthy breakfast.


Jesus Helps the Owl Clean Up
When the owl's kitchen turned into a mess after his birthday bash, Jesus showed him the way to gleaming cookware.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Did I mention that there's also an Angel of Craft Projects?


  1. I love those Holy cards! So cute.

  2. this post had me cracking up, great finds!

  3. these are awesome. My husband (from Canada) actually had cards kinda like these put on his car ages ago. One printed said "Next time you park so close, please leave a can opener so that I can get out."
    Another, handwritten, says "You're in my F*&^%ing parking spot, A$$hole!
    That one's still proudly displayed on our fridge.

  4. Oh man "Jesus loves you but I hear he's not picky" actually made me laugh out loud. Love it!

  5. So glad you like the Damn Fine Day print! Love the Holy Trading Cards, I am going to have to get some of those for my little sis. Also, gorgeous blog design! I'm looking forward to future reading :)