Monday, March 14, 2011

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post...


....because Polly does not think that there are enough kitties on my blog and she has taken up residence in my dollhouse until that changes.


That, and I was planning on showing you all the other goodies I snagged at that kick-ass estate sale, but I accidentally reformatted my camera card before downloading all the pictures.  And now half of the stuff is in the washer (lots of linens and fabric!), so who knows when I'll get around to it.

So until then, I've got to go draw up a lease for a certain cat if she plans on staying in there any longer.


  1. Thanks for the laugh :) Such a cute kitty!

  2. ;-))) Great post bless ;-)) dee x

  3. That is so cute a very cat moment. It made me smile :)

  4. Super cute! I love picturing the frightened dolls that come home to this! haha.