Monday, January 24, 2011

There's still time!

In case you need any last minute birthday ideas - I don't officially turn 28 until 3:30pm.

Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter sewing basket?
I've already got a spot picked out in my studio.

Sure they've been out of print for forever, and it's one of the most sought-after fabric lines, and I just found someone on Etsy trying to sell individual fat quarters for $45 each (yeah, $45!!), but I came into the sewing scene right on the tail end of Denise Schmidts, Flea Market Fancy and I would just love to make a huge quilt with these.

Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush and Pastry Line in voile.  I seriously might pass out if these were in my possession.

A terrarium for your finger.  What more would you need in life?

I'm not huge into cross stitching - unless it's a pattern by Gera!  Superbuzzy has a great selection.  I made the Hansel and Gretel one for Phoebe's room.

My own Shasta Airflyte trailer turned cupcake bakery

I highly doubt Phoebe will be getting me anything from here, but maybe she'll be nice and let me sleep in. 

*On a side note, if you're looking to get some Echino fabric - including the new Fall 2010 line - at wholesale prices ($8.50/yard!), Sew Sweetness is hosting a fabric co-op and is taking orders through Jan 28th.  Awesome deal!


  1. Happy Bday girl! Hope you have a wonderful day today! Enjoy that sewing room :) I'll be right over with everything on your wish list and some coffee.

  2. Happy Birthday!! I am right with ya on that flea market fancy... JUST missed it! And thanks for posting the link for the Echino!! There are waaaay too many choices, but how can we resist at such a great price!!

  3. i have been thinking about the exact same fabric lately. have been searching for flea market fancy everywhere and wanted to shake the you know what out of the person selling it for $45 per fat quarter on etsy!! lol, i mean what?!

    all your picks are my favorites of course. going to go check out that gera cross stitch, love that little red riding hood.

  4. Another Jan. 24 birthday?? Mine was Monday too! happy birthday!

  5. Lovely, all! That yellow ceiling and the red riding hood cross stitch have made my morning.

  6. I DIE a little every time I see that chair. I want one so badly. Oh and years ago I almost convinced Chef to get one of those vintage teardrop travel trailers. He almost went for it because he likes camping but I just wanted to decorate it!