Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vintage Sheet Windfall


First order of business - Gah!  No blog posts in over a month.  I hate when that happens, but life is busy - like, crazy busy.  So from now on; when I blog, awesome!  And if I don't blog, no apologies.  But if you really care to know what I'm up to, (or what I'm eating, or sewing, or thrifting, or what crazy things my kids are doing) then you should be following me on instagram - because I'm on there alll the time.  EmmmyLizzzy.  Follow me.

Anyways, a windfall has blown my way.  A windfall of vintage sheets that is.  The picture above is what I picked up in ONE DAY.  One estate sale and one thrift shop.  I hit it big.


Brand new, in the package, never been opened vintage sheets - I've got em!


An entire sheet set of retro kitties?  Got that too!  Plus lots of other fun prints such as vintage trains, astronauts, clowns (cute or creepy - you decide!), and of course butterflies and tons of retro florals.


These are taking over my house, so in order to get them outta here, use the coupon WINDFALL to take 20% off of your order through November 18th.  I've got most of the sheets listed, but I'll be adding some additional items such as vintage tea towels, some silk scarves, and other retro linens in the next few days.  I look forward to seeing what you make out of these beauties!


  1. You and your brand-new-vintage! You make the best discoveries!! Headed to your shop right now.....

  2. I have those vintage kitties!! They were my husband's sheets! We only have ONE sheet of the owls that are of the same style and I wish I could find more. I love them! :-)

  3. So just ran across you blog and love it! Oh and your instagram name is missing a z...I couldn't find you but then did a partial name search! Just fyi in case others are looking too. Looks like I am going to have to get some super cute sheets!

  4. Holy cow,what a vintage sheet collection! How awesome! I too love vintage linens!
    What a score! I think I will check you out on Instagram. I recently joined and love it! Simple!
    xoxo Carly

  5. Omg, my grandparents had the flower sheet set on the left right above the green polka dots! My sister has a pillowcase and I have the blue/green version's pillowcase. Popcorn and ginger ale sleepover nostalgia for me.