Friday, August 24, 2012

Ack! The cuteness!

Sewing with the cutest fabric ever.

This is a post about the Cutest.  Fabric.  Ever.


A Thumbelina border print with flowers, birds, mushrooms, and ladybugs.  If there was a hedgehog or a fox hiding in there, this print would probably burst into flames from the cuteness.


So of course, I had to make it into a skirt for Phoebe. 


I bought a yard and cut it in half parallel to the selvedge (so it was 36" wide x 21" tall), sewed it in a circle, and added some elastic.  Something super simple that lets the fabric do all the talking.  There was still a bit of excess fabric from the half piece that I used, so I whipped up a cute little purse to match.


And what makes this fabric even more amazing and awesome???!!!.....'ve still got the other half of your fabric left to make into a matching skirt and purse for your daughter's bff!  More times that not, sewing your own clothes doesn't save money, but in this case - I got two skirts and two matching purses out of only one yard of fabric.  A high quality, Japanese cotton-linen blend, nonetheless. 


Can it get any better?  Well heck yes, it can!  It's currently on sale in Brenda's shop!  I'm just trying to refrain from making one for myself....


  1. ahhh so cute and lovely both the skirts and bags and your little girl is adorable, dee x

  2. oh yes, that's pretty much the cutest fabric ever! you made great use of it, too! excellent.