Monday, September 5, 2011

More furniture makeovers

I think that my husband is more excited than I am to have this piece of furniture finally finished, since it's been taking up a good chunk of garage space for the past 4 or 5 months.  I'm always on the lookout for this style of furniture (whatever it's called) because it reminds me so much of my childhood.  I had standup dresser with similar curves when I was younger and my great-grandmother's house was filled with pieces like this.


When I saw this dresser at an estate sale this past spring for a mere ten dollars I could barely contain my excitement.  

Nevermind that I had to drive back and forth across town to borrow my friends truck, or that I had to lug most of it by myself (with some help from strangers who took pity on me) down a super steep set of stairs.  And let me tell you, this baby is solid wood.


Aside from the surface looking like crap, it was in pretty good condition and just needed a lot of sanding and a couple coats of primer and paint.  You can see a bit of a before shot here.  I ended up going with the color Sea Glass from Martha Stewart's line, and I'm still debating about painting that hardware.  It actually doesn't look so blatantly gold in person (it's much more dull and distressed) and I don't terribly mind it, but some white might brighten the whole thing up. 


I'm slowly working on transitioning Phoebe's nursery into more of a big girl room, so I'll be swapping and moving around her current furniture and giving the room a fresh coat of paint.  If only we could do something about that hideous carpeting, but it's just not in the budget right now.


Now we just have to see if all of these drawers will hold the wardrobe of a 2 year old girl.  It's gonna be pretty close...


  1. Such great taste as usual and I love that shade of green with the reflection of the bedroom growing up was a very similar shade of green!

  2. I love it. LOVE it. Great color!

  3. It looks amazing! I think some brushed nickel looking hardware would look so pretty with that green

  4. I love the gold, it's very Cinderella (after she became a princess of course!)