Friday, September 24, 2010

American Sewing Expo

Thank goodness my husband is on vacation right now, because I never would have been able to spend 3 glorious hours walking around the American Sewing Expo with a 14 month old toddler in tow.

 I was a bit nervous when I got in line and was surrounded by fanny packs and quilted sweatshirt vests, but there was plenty of eye candy inside to draw in sewers both young and old.

 I spent a particularly long time drooling over the 
the trim and buttons offered by Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods

 Tried my hand at needle felting - and didn't stab myself for once

 Browsed through hundreds of bolts of fabric

And found some wonderfully unexpected booths, like Victorian Purses by Sue.  These purses are actually knit, with seed beads slid between the stitches.  I might have possible picked up a pattern for a knit beaded scarf.  Because I just don't have enough hobbies.  Purses by Sue also offers over 250 different purse frames and 412 colors of Perle cotton.  And the ladies there were amazingly nice.

But my favorite booth of the day had to have been Tadaa! Studio.  I walked over to the owner Christy and exclaimed "Finally, some good fabric!"  They had Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Kokka, and even some Heather Ross fabric.  I also picked up a fantastic Sashiko kit with some beautiful variegated thread that I'll post more about once I get started.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Jealous! I'm glad you had fun. Stupid work.

  2. looks glorious! the expo and the blog that is :)
    i'm working on some sashiko pieces for my shop so we'll have to compare notes sometime.

  3. OH the expos in Novi. I havent been to the ASE, had my fair shares of the Mega Meet (scrapbooking in May). Ill definitely have to remember this next fall. Bummed I didnt come across your blog before and catch wind of this one!